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Consolidated positions on counterparties resident in China
Amounts outstanding / Stocks at end-September 2017, in USD mn
1 For foreign banks and banks with parents in CBS reporting countries, F plus Q does not sum to U because F is reported by a larger sample of banks; for the latest quarter, immediate counterparty data are reported by banks in 31 countries and ultimate risk data by banks in 26. For parents in individual CBS reporting countries, F plus Q may not sum to U because of rounding differences or inconsistencies in the underlying data reported by banks.
2 Claims and other potential exposures to the country where the controlling parent is located, ie positions on residents of banks' home country. Available only for countries that are CBS reporting countries.
China Claims Other potential exposures (not included in claims) on an ultimate risk basis
Claims on an immediate counterparty basis (F) 1 Net risk transfers (Q) 1 Claims on an ultimate risk basis (U=F+Q) 1
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Total International Local positions in local currencies Total By sector of counterparty
Total Of which: Up to and including one year Banks Official sector Non-bank private sector Derivatives contracts Guarantees extended Credit commitments
Total Of which: Non-bank financial
 Foreign banks1,216,576939,095687,931277,484111,583820,216332,615129,063356,68050,69816,71881,75664,710
 Of which: parents in CBS rep countries737,192459,711330,158277,484111,583820,216332,615129,063356,68050,69816,71881,75664,710
     Australia25,01821,06213,5303,9564,52729,54413,0042,51814,005   4483,735905
     Chile576576576   ...57630   6      ...   
     Chinese Taipei39,20520,60814,15418,59723,98263,18639,5562,14321,4875,3451651,29610,595
     Finland\\\   \\\   \      \...
     Greece33...   ...31   2......1...
     Ireland441   21260...25...   ...0
     Switzerland22,20422,20415,721...3,736\.........   6161,015137
     Turkey2222\   \32\   \...   \\
     United Kingdom184,60899,04470,73785,56510,615195,22363,64451,86579,7147,3953,99016,6538,279
     United States103,71072,38666,30431,3245,971109,67727,64032,56849,46911,9583,04423,2405,770
 Memo: Domestic banks  2
     Worldwide offices (consolidated)                                       
     Foreign offices (unconsolidated).........