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Global liquidity: banks' claims
By type of claim and residence of borrower
1 Cross-border claims denominated in all currencies plus local claims denominated in foreign currencies.
2 Cross-border claims refer to claims on the non-bank sector, including claims on the non-bank financial sector and the government sector.
Sources: National data; BIS credit to the non-financial sector; BIS locational banking statistics; BIS calculations.
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Per cent of GDP Annual change (%)
Q4 16 Q1 17 Q2 17 Q4 16 Q1 17 Q2 17
 International claims on all sectors 141.542.
     On the bank sector21.421.621.60.11.3-1.8
     On the non-bank sector19.319.719.
 Total claims on private non-financial sector 2103.1103.2103.
     Local claims89.889.890.
     Cross-border claims13.313.313.
 Claims on advanced economies
 On euro area109.7109.8108.
     Local claims87.487.587.
     Cross-border claims22.322.321.3-1.7-4.9-5.8
 On the United States66.
     Local claims52.351.752.
     Cross-border claims13.914.414.
 On other advanced economies133.1133.2133.
     Local claims114.7115.0115.
     Cross-border claims18.418.
 Claims on emerging market economies
 On emerging Asia139.4139.4139.
     Local claims133.9133.8134.
     Cross-border claims5.65.65.6-
 On central Europe59.459.
     Local claims50.550.350.
     Cross-border claims9.08.88.7-2.8-1.54.5
 On Latin America53.250.949.
     Local claims45.744.
     Cross-border claims7.66.86.7-4.2-3.3-6.8
 On other emerging market economies64.663.664.
     Local claims57.256.457.
     Cross-border claims7.