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Total credit to non-bank borrowers by currency of denomination 1: Euro
Bank loans and debt securities issues, by residence of non-bank borrower
1 For definitions and sources, see bis.org/statistics/gli.htm.
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Amount outstanding (EUR bn) Annual change (%)
Q4 16 Q1 17 Q2 17 Q4 16 Q1 17 Q2 17
 Borrowers outside the euro area2,6542,8242,8945.48.38.5
 Of which: emerging market economies55657658713.813.310.6
 Africa and Middle East7880825.58.710.7
     Saudi Arabia1115.34.810.8
     South Africa77716.54.12.8
 Emerging Asia and Pacific81929228.745.414.0
     Chinese Taipei111-25.5-6.8-3.8
 Emerging Europe31431732611.08.39.6
 Latin America83878620.99.911.1
 By instrument
 Borrowers outside the euro area2,6542,8242,8945.48.38.5
     Bank loans1,0971,2301,2583.712.111.3
 Debt securities issues1,5571,5941,6366.75.56.5
     Of which: non-financial borrowers9921,0231,06011.29.39.8
 Of which: emerging market economies55657658713.813.310.6
     Bank loans35336937913.615.913.8
 Debt securities issues20320820714.28.85.3
     Of which: non-financial borrowers19219519515.39.14.6
 Memo: Borrowers in the euro area
 Non-financial borrowers27,26027,28727,4761.5-0.0-0.7
     Of which: government11,42611,36811,4341.6-1.7-2.4