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Quick guide to the BIS Stats Explorer Table page

In the BIS Statistics Explorer, a Table page shows one of the published data tables. The key elements are

  1. Explorer navigation breadcrumb
  2. Table measure selector
  3. Table title and subtitle
  4. Toolbar
  5. Period navigation control
  6. Preset row-level expand/collapse
  7. Individual row-level expand/collapse
  8. Direct link to country table
  9. Data value: link to underlying historical time series
  10. Wide tables scrollbars

Table's elements
  1. Table measure selector

    Some tables can show data for different measures. These buttons allow to quickly switch between the available ones.

  2. Table title and subtitle


  3. Toolbar

    Four options are available. The "Share..." button will open a menu that allows to share the link to the current page on Twitter, Linkedin, via eMail, or copy it to the Clipboard. The "Structure" link will show a page presenting the coding structure of the current data table. The "Download..." button will open a menu to start a download of the current table as a PDF document or of a CSV file with all the data behind the current data table. The "Help" link opens this page.

  4. Period navigation control

    Use the "<" and ">" links to change the current period to the previous or the next one. The ">|" link takes to the latest period available.

  5. Preset row-level expand/collapse

    These numeric links will expand/collapse the table's rows up to the chosen level. See the next point for how to work at a local level.

  6. Individual row-level expand/collapse

    When clicked, a "right", or "down", arrow will expand/collapse all the following table's rows with a higher level.

  7. Data value: link to underlying historical time series

    All values in the tables are linked to the time series/expressions underlying the table's cell (see also the "Structure" tool). Clicking the link, the corresponding time-series page will open.

    \the observation is suppressed for reasons of confidentiality
    ...the observation is missing
    0.0the observation value is zero or rounds to zero
    <blank>the series is not reported or the item is not collected
  8. Wide tables scrollbars

    Scrollbars signal the presence of more rows and / or columns. The headers are fixed.