T2: Stock of money available for payments
(CHF millions; end of year, unless otherwise stated)
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Narrow money supply (M1)554,429567,209559,266594,550637,053
Breakdown of 'narrow money supply (M1)', by component
Banknotes and coins (or currency) in circulation outside banks 166,67268,78074,15380,34986,826
Overnight deposits by other than banks339,258328,884332,874382,630410,906
Total banknotes and coins in circulation68,72170,60775,94381,17984,781
Breakdown of 'total banknotes and coins in circulation' by holder
Banknotes and coins (or currency) in circulation outside banks60,48062,68768,58173,63277,417
Banknotes and coins held by banks8,2417,9207,3627,5477,364
Breakdown of 'total banknotes and coins in circulation'
 into banknotes and coins
Total banknotes in circulation65,76667,59672,88278,08481,639
Breakdown of 'total banknotes in circulation' by note type
CHF 100040,03440,53645,21348,25949,522
CHF 500112108105103100
CHF 2009,52710,15310,42911,43312,236
CHF 10011,21011,75012,07712,93913,970
CHF 502,4882,5882,5832,8513,201
CHF 201,6661,7151,7221,7351,818
CHF 10729746754766792
Total coins in circulation2,9543,0113,0613,0953,142
Breakdown of 'total coins in circulation' by coin type
CHF 59599779911,0011,015
CHF 2671686699709721
CHF 1447457466472481
CHF 0.50398406414419424
CHF 0.20206209213215219
CHF 0.10109111112114115
CHF 0.055456575961
CHF 0.0122222
Bank deposits held at the central bank (average for December)319,331332,407403,260465,090469,093
Breakdown of 'bank deposits held at the central bank'
 into required and free reserves
Required reservesnapnapnapnapnap
Free reservesnapnapnapnapnap
Interbank deposits94,82079,22069,59082,53075,850
Intraday credit extended by the central bank (average for December)1,8581,5471,6291,0601,086
 1  Includes current accounts at the SNB and sight deposits of insurance companies and public administration (excl. Swiss confederation) at the SNB