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Credit default swaps, by location of counterparty
Notional amounts outstanding, in billions of US dollars
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All locations Home country Abroad
Total US European developed countries Japan Other Asian countries Latin America All other countries
Bought (gross basis)4,8381,1133,5848782,1917354223166
Sold (gross basis)4,5421,0783,3298652,0854633153149
With reporting dealers1,5713221,2241909544917212
Bought (gross basis)1,5723311,2211879465916211
Sold (gross basis)1,5693141,2271949624017113
With non-reporters6,2381,5464,4661,3612,3682054372291
Bought (gross basis)3,2667822,3646911,2451438221156
Sold (gross basis)2,9727642,1026701,123616151135