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Credit default swaps, by location of counterparty
Notional amounts outstanding, in billions of US dollars
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All locations Home country Abroad
Total US European developed countries Japan Other Asian countries Latin America All other countries
Bought (gross basis)5,2901,2503,9811,0262,4768154183161
Sold (gross basis)5,0551,2133,7869882,4345238145129
With reporting dealers1,9983991,5752761,2085914116
Bought (gross basis)2,0024071,5752731,2036913116
Sold (gross basis)1,9953911,5752791,2134816217
With non-reporters6,3481,6654,6171,4612,4931764326257
Bought (gross basis)3,2898432,4067521,2731241182145
Sold (gross basis)3,0608222,2117091,221422144112