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Credit default swaps, by location of counterparty
Notional amounts outstanding, in billions of US dollars
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All locations Home country Abroad
Total US European developed countries Japan Other Asian countries Latin America All other countries
Bought (gross basis)5,1011,2633,7848772,4437756182148
Sold (gross basis)4,8511,2133,5879102,3444837133115
With reporting dealers1,8093471,4402481,1085315114
Bought (gross basis)1,8213581,4442451,1076414213
Sold (gross basis)1,7983361,4362511,1094317115
With non-reporters6,3341,7824,4911,2912,5711963312235
Bought (gross basis)3,2819052,3406321,3361442181135
Sold (gross basis)3,0538772,1516591,234521132100