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Global liquidity: banks' claims Source
By type of claim and residence of borrower
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Per cent of GDP Annual change (%)
Q4 20 Q1 21 Q2 21 Q4 20 Q1 21 Q2 21
International claims on all sectors 147.445.944.65.5-1.51.4
On the bank sector21.921.320.74.6-2.91.3
On the non-bank sector23.122.521.
Total claims on private non-financial sector 2118.0118.8115.
Local claims102.4103.1100.
Cross-border claims15.615.815.
Claims on advanced economies
On euro area116.4118.0114.
Local claims92.593.390.
Cross-border claims23.924.723.36.01.7-2.4
On the United States71.471.668.
Local claims53.853.351.32.5-1.8-2.7
Cross-border claims17.618.317.312.55.910.7
On other advanced economies146.0146.2142.
Local claims121.4121.6119.
Cross-border claims24.624.523.616.46.07.4
Claims on emerging market economies
On emerging Asia163.3163.9162.210.910.59.9
Local claims157.5158.0156.510.910.39.7
Cross-border claims5.
On central Europe57.558.
Local claims48.848.847.
Cross-border claims8.69.28.610.66.94.8
On Latin America56.655.654.
Local claims48.
Cross-border claims8.58.67.6-1.8-4.7-3.4
On other emerging market economies70.470.567.
Local claims62.763.
Cross-border claims7.67.56.8-6.6-4.9-6.4
 1 Cross-border claims denominated in all currencies plus local claims denominated in foreign currencies. 2 Cross-border claims refer to claims on the non-bank sector, including claims on the non-bank financial sector and the government sector.
Source: National data; BIS credit to the non-financial sector; BIS locational banking statistics; BIS calculations.