T2: Stock of money available for payments
(INR billions; end of year, unless otherwise stated)
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Narrow money supply (M1)napnapnap18,128.7419,896.86
Breakdown of 'narrow money supply (M1)', by component
Banknotes and coins (or currency) in circulation outside banksnapnapnap10,914.0012,137.00
Overnight deposits by other than banksnapnapnap7,199.427,735.35
Total banknotes and coins in circulationnapnapnap11,800.3713,006.67
Breakdown of 'total banknotes and coins in circulation' by holder
Banknotes and coins (or currency) in circulation outside banksnapnapnap10,914.3212,136.64
Banknotes and coins held by banksnapnapnap886.05870.03
Breakdown of 'total banknotes and coins in circulation'
 into banknotes and coins
Total banknotes in circulation 1napnapnap11,650.2012,833.54
Breakdown of 'total banknotes in circulation' by note type
INR 2000napnapnapnapnap
INR 1000napnapnap4,299.005,081.37
INR 500napnapnap5,359.505,702.48
INR 200napnapnapnapnap
INR 100napnapnap1,442.101,476.46
INR 50napnapnap173.05172.42
INR 20napnapnap76.5085.69
INR 10napnapnap251.68266.48
INR 5napnapnap36.8737.14
INR 2napnapnap8.518.51
INR 1napnapnap2.992.99
Total coins in circulation 1napnapnap150.17173.13
Breakdown of 'total coins in circulation' by coin type
INR 20napnapnapnapnap
INR 10napnapnap12.6720.17
INR 5napnapnap53.3857.89
INR 2napnapnap44.2349.65
INR 1napnapnap32.8938.42
INR othernapnapnap7.007.00
Bank deposits held at the central bank (average for December)napnapnap3,206.714,297.03
Breakdown of 'bank deposits held at the central bank'
 into required and free reserves
Required reservesnapnapnap3,019.104,070.93
Free reservesnapnapnapnapnap
Interbank deposits (average for December)napnapnapnapnap
Intraday credit extended by the central bank (average for December)napnapnapnapnap
 1  End of fiscal year (April-March)