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Issuer residence1/124GBUnited Kingdom
Issuer nationality3PAll countries excluding residents
Issuer sector - immediate borrowerEPrivate banks
IPublic banks
Issuer sector - ultimate borrower1All issuers
Issue marketCInternational markets
Issue typeAAll issue types
Issue currency groupAAll currencies
DDomestic currency
FForeign currencies
Issue currencyEU1Sum of ECU, Euro and legacy currencies now included in the Euro
TO1Total all currencies
USDUS Dollar
Original maturity1/3ATotal (all maturities)
Remaining maturity1/2UUp to and including 1 year
Rate type1/2AAll interest rates
Default risk (for future expansion)AAll credit ratings
Collateral type (for future expansion)AAll issues
MeasureIAmounts outstanding
Chart type  line column stacked col area