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Consolidated positions on residents of Finland
Amounts outstanding / Stocks at end-March 2019, in millions of US dollars
Finland Claims Other potential exposures
(not included in claims)
on a guarantor basis
Claims on an immediate counterparty basis (F) 1 Risk transfers Claims on a guarantor basis (U=F+Q) 1
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Total International Local positions in local currencies Net risk transfers (Q) 1 Of which: outward risk transfers Total By sector of counterparty
Total Of which: Up to and including one year Banks Official sector Non-bank private sector Derivatives contracts Guarantees extended Credit commitments
Total Of which: Non-bank financial
Foreign banks185,663115,17142,09670,492-3,9415,423137,27533,16154,83948,3397,65713,52114,94218,206
Of which: parents in CBS rep countries176,577106,08541,57270,492-3,9415,423137,27533,16154,83948,3397,65713,52114,94218,206
Australia312312235   860399682369506070151
Chile11...         11   ...            
Chinese Taipei17917926   42\22255...167.........4
Germany24,745\\...-3,920   20,82511,6264,2734,0091,0762,4171,0361,573
Greece211211194         211111936......1   
Ireland419419169   92125114031296350...0
Italy1,6741,674320   \\1,9367113748511742401,727633
Korea353535   ......3511...25...   1812
Portugal202\\   -1\202\\\\\\...
Switzerland5,4735,4733,516   -1,2951,295\.........   1,1461,20624
Turkey11\   \\1\...\   ...\   
United Kingdom10,49810,4035,22995-1,1271,5869,3713,6782,6293,0631,0953,4671,1092,986
United States14,17314,02910,27614467475914,8494,8963,6746,2792,4447686,5462,046
Memo: Domestic banks  2
Worldwide offices (consolidated)213,830\963205,972-8596213,74420,27672,515120,9543,8544,881\9,217
 1 For foreign banks and banks with parents in CBS reporting countries, F plus Q does not sum to U because F is reported by a larger sample of banks; for the latest quarter, immediate counterparty data are reported by banks in 31 countries and guarantor basis data by banks in 26. For parents in individual CBS reporting countries, F plus Q may not sum to U because of rounding differences or inconsistencies in the underlying data reported by banks. 2 Positions on the country where the controlling parent is located, ie on residents of banks' home country. Available only for countries that are CBS reporting countries.