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OTC, credit default swaps, by remaining maturity
Notional amounts outstanding, in billions of US dollars
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Total Reporting dealers Other financial institutions Non-financial institutions
Total CCPs Banks and securities firms Insurance and financial guaranty firms SPVs, SPCc and SPEs Hedge funds Other
 Total CDS contracts
 One year or less2,5131,0941,3979909926329615422
     Bought (gross basis)1,8281,095721491641118508612
     Sold (gross basis)1,7791,094675499341514466810
 Over one year up to five years6,4041,6304,6563,6242528242290366118
     Bought (gross basis)4,0791,6302,3841,830149462713120264
     Sold (gross basis)3,9551,6302,2721,794103371615916454
 Over five years 727224487293432116486615
     Bought (gross basis)507227270148301414204510
     Sold (gross basis)445222217145137229215
 Single-name instruments
 One year or less1,617747860624741118321009
     Bought (gross basis)1,197747444311495158556
     Sold (gross basis)1,167748416313256324453
 Over one year up to five years3,1091,1561,9151,412133312817913139
     Bought (gross basis)2,1421,155963701892222636525
     Sold (gross basis)2,1221,15695271144971156614
 Over five years 3161321771012881012178
     Bought (gross basis)2401331025021694126
     Sold (gross basis)2081307551821762
 Multi-name instruments
 One year or less896347537366241514645413
     Bought (gross basis)631348277180156343316
     Sold (gross basis)612345259186991122237
 Over one year up to five years3,2954742,7422,212118511411123579
     Bought (gross basis)1,9374751,4221,129592356813840
     Sold (gross basis)1,8334741,3201,08459289439840
 Over five years 411933101911512637487
     Bought (gross basis)266941689897515334
     Sold (gross basis)237921429365122153