Global liquidity: total credit by currency of denomination
Bank loans and debt securities issues, by residence of borrower
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Amount outstanding1 (trn) Year-on-year change2 (%)
Q2 16 Q3 16 Q4 16 Q2 16 Q3 16 Q4 16
 US dollar credit
 To US residents (non-financial sector)45.946.546.
     Of which: government18.619.
 To rest of the world (non-bank sector)10.410.610.
 Of which: to to emerging market economies3.63.63.6-
     Africa and Middle East0.60.60.717.515.719.8
     Emerging Asia-Pacific1.61.61.6-7.7-4.30.2
     Emerging Europe0.50.50.5-6.3-5.3-4.7
     Latin America and Caribbean0.
 By instrument
     Bank lending5.
 Debt securities4.
     Of which: non-financial sector2.
 Euro credit
 To euro area residents (non-financial sector)27.527.427.
     Of which: government11.711.711.
 To rest of the world (non-bank sector)
 Memo: To EMEs (non-bank sector)
     Africa and Middle East0.
     Emerging Asia-Pacific0.10.10.1-0.8-1.11.8
     Emerging Europe0.
     Latin America and Caribbean0.
 By instrument
     Bank lending1.
 Debt securities1.51.51.510.59.18.3
     Of which: non-financial sector1.
 Yen credit
 To Japanese residents (non-financial sector)2,009.02,002.71,991.
     Of which: government1,233.61,219.41,
 To non-residents (non-bank sector)50.449.249.4-7.2-7.2-7.3
 Memo: To EMEs (non-bank sector)14.714.916.1-14.7-9.1-4.8
     Africa and Middle East0.60.70.7-17.2-7.7-14.6
     Emerging Asia-Pacific12.112.213.5-16.5-10.6-5.2
     Emerging Europe1.01.11.0-2.1-0.6-1.7
     Latin America and Caribbean0.
 By instrument
     Bank lending31.230.231.0-9.2-8.6-8.5
 Debt securities19.219.018.4-3.5-4.8-4.9
     Of which: non-financial sector7.37.37.1-4.0-3.1-2.7
1 In national currency. 2 Geometric mean of quarterly break- and exchange rate-adjusted changes.
Sources: Datastream; national data; BIS debt securities statistics; BIS locational banking statistics; BIS calculations.