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Banks located in Singapore
Positions reported by banking offices located in the specified country regardless of the nationality of the controlling parent
in millions of US dollars
Singapore Outstanding
Cross-border positions Local positions Unallocated positions
by residence
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Claims Liabilities Claims Liabilities Claims Liabilities
Q1 22 Q1 22 Q1 22 Q1 22 Q1 22 Q1 22
By sector of counterparty
Of which: intragroup\               
Of which: non-bank financial                  
Of which: non-financial                  
Non-financial corporations                  
General government                  
By currency
Local currency                  
Foreign currencies842,190744,889479,258412,934112,103275,729
Of which: US dollar\\\\\\
Of which: euro\\\\\\
Of which: yen\\\\\\
Of which: pound sterling\\\\\\
Of which: Swiss franc\\\\\\
Of which: other currencies108,900106,64261,97159,11814,49639,475
By instrument
Of which: loans and deposits701,435744,889446,205412,9341,252\
Of which: debt securities140,755   6,601   36   
By type of bank
Domestic banks                  
Foreign banks' subsidiaries                  
Foreign banks' branches