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Credit default swaps, by remaining maturity
Notional amounts outstanding, in billions of US dollars
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Total Reporting dealers Other financial institutions Non-financial institutions
Total CCPs Banks and securities firms Insurance and financial guaranty firms SPVs, SPCc and SPEs Hedge funds Other
Total CDS contracts
One year or less1,387401946669432095914641
Bought (gross basis)91839749533026117368526
Sold (gross basis)8704054513391792236115
Over one year up to five years5,2868374,3403,2802546227209509108
Bought (gross basis)3,1358382,2361,650143332011327662
Sold (gross basis)2,9888372,1051,6301112879523346
Over five years 687164505277392013599718
Bought (gross basis)461167281142281011236713
Sold (gross basis)3901612241351110236305
Single-name instruments
One year or less81729051741229116243510
Bought (gross basis)56229126620219968226
Sold (gross basis)54528925121093016135
Over one year up to five years2,3096051,6721,27410620158816932
Bought (gross basis)1,458615824619621311308920
Sold (gross basis)1,4555958496554474578012
Over five years 26790167106285771410
Bought (gross basis)19793965420362109
Sold (gross basis)160887252831541
Multi-name instruments
One year or less57011142825714823511131
Bought (gross basis)356107229128721286320
Sold (gross basis)32611619912986174810
Over one year up to five years2,9772322,6682,006148411212134076
Bought (gross basis)1,6772231,4121,031822098318842
Sold (gross basis)1,5322421,256975662133815334
Over five years 420743381711115652838
Bought (gross basis)264741858887421574
Sold (gross basis)230741528338131264