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Credit default swaps, by remaining maturity
Notional amounts outstanding, in billions of US dollars
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Total Reporting dealers Other financial institutions Non-financial institutions
Total CCPs Banks and securities firms Insurance and financial guaranty firms SPVs, SPCc and SPEs Hedge funds Other
Total CDS contracts
One year or less1,404518861618539125911025
Bought (gross basis)9865204503093448316316
Sold (gross basis)936516412309195428478
Over one year up to five years6,0771,2424,6413,5782668030270417193
Bought (gross basis)3,7181,2472,3701,7911514722141219102
Sold (gross basis)3,6011,2382,2711,78711533812919892
Over five years 775213547317522014529214
Bought (gross basis)52721530315935111121679
Sold (gross basis)462212244158179331265
Single-name instruments
One year or less1,030413608443425926849
Bought (gross basis)72741430722127357446
Sold (gross basis)717413301222152418403
Over one year up to five years2,7458721,8421,404122302013513232
Bought (gross basis)1,817872925692812017496620
Sold (gross basis)1,80087191771341102866612
Over five years 30711618511035778177
Bought (gross basis)2301161085527563125
Sold (gross basis)1941167755821551
Multi-name instruments
One year or less3741052541751144332616
Bought (gross basis)25910614388714241911
Sold (gross basis)22010411187520975
Over one year up to five years3,3323712,7992,1741445110135285162
Bought (gross basis)1,9013741,4451,099702749215382
Sold (gross basis)1,8023671,3541,075752464313280
Over five years 467973632071713644757
Bought (gross basis)2979919510487418553
Sold (gross basis)2689616810397226214