T4: Number of payment cards and terminals
(thousands; end of year)
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PART A: Total number of cards
Total number of cards322,466351,502411,331446,042459,289
Breakdown of 'total number of cards' by function
Cards with a cash function 1227,666243,925254,763271,677272,604
Cards with a debit function 2195,904214,461224,619239,522237,521
Cards with a delayed debit functionnavnavnavnavnav
Cards with a credit function31,76129,46430,14432,15535,082
Cards with an e-money function 394,801107,578156,568174,365186,685
Partial breakdown of 'total number of cards' by technology
Of which: contactless 4navnavnav56,273108,831
Of which: magstripenavnavnavnavnav
Partial breakdown of 'total number of cards' by issuer
Of which: by a non-banknapnapnapnapnap
Partial breakdown of 'total number of cards' by ability
 to initiate device-not-present payments
Of which: able to initiate device-not-present paymentsnapnapnapnapnap
PART B: Total number of terminals
Total number of POS terminals1,2891,4901,7782,2062,605
Partial breakdown of 'total number of POS terminals'
 by terminal type
Of which: EFTPOS terminals1,2801,4811,7612,1892,589
Partial breakdown of 'EFTPOS terminals' by technology
Of which: contactlessnavnavnav1,8742,289
Total number of ATMs243212219199196
Partial breakdown of 'total number of ATMs' by function
Cash withdrawal139131127126129
Cash deposit131123124123125
Credit transfer238209216197194
Partial breakdown of 'total number of ATMs' by technology
Of which: contactlessnavnavnav843
 1 Including cards with an e-money function. 2 Including cards with a delayed debit function. 3 Includes all kinds of virtual e-money (virtual cards, e-wallets etc). 4 Does not include cards with an e-money function.